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Since 1972, we have been helping people around the world grow food without chemicals, using the GROWBIOINTENSIVE method.  We were one of the first to sell heirloom vegetable seeds. All of our seeds are open-pollinated (seed-saver friendly), untreated, and chosen for success in organic gardening. We sell seeds, books, tools, supplies, and instructional media for sustainable gardening.

All our seeds are Open-Pollinated
(non-GMO, Seed-Saver Friendly)
∞ Heirloom Vegetable Seeds ─ Heirloom Flower and Grain Seeds
∞ Medicinal Herb Seeds ─ Culinary Herb Seeds—Rare Seeds
∞ Compost Crop Seeds (Green Manures) for Soil-Building
∞ Tree Seeds and Berry Seeds for Permaculture and Shelterbelts
∞ Tools, Supplies, Books, and DVDs for Organic Gardening
We are a project of Ecology Action, a non-profit dedicated to ending world hunger by teaching sustainable agriculture. EA works with projects all over the world that are locally staffed and locally adapted.
We have developed a simple, sustainable gardening method we call GrowBiointensive™. It allows gardeners to grow large yields of vegetables in a small space, while the soil gets richer and better from year to year. It is ideal for home gardeners, and for anyone who wants to grow good food naturally.
It doesn’t take much to get started—no gizmos or expensive equipment. If you have some soil, all you need is simple tools, seeds, and the information to use them.