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Bolt-resistant Lettuce Mix seed
Our Price: $2.25

A mix of heading and leaf types that show tolerance to heat and are least likely to bolt when the days get long and hot.
Heirloom Lettuce Mix seed
Our Price: $2.25

A combination of as many of our varieties as possible.
Leaf Lettuce Mix seed
Our Price: $2.25

Four types of leaf lettuce. The mix will vary but will have diversity of shape and color.
Salad Mix (Mesclun) seed
Our Price: $2.25

A mix of lettuces and other salad greens with various colors and shapes. Plant one packet and harvest a salad! Often planted very densely and cut down all at once for baby greens.
Fall Salad Garden Collection seed
Our Price: $12.00

Our most frost-hardy lettuces, in a variety of types and colors, plus three specialty greens that brave winter weather and taste great in salad. This collection will work for fall in the coldest zones, and will go all winter in Zone 7 or 8 and above. Includes plans for a simple coldframe and a sturdy, inexpensive plastic cover to extend the season. A great place to start if you want to be more self-sufficient, extend your gardening season, and have the freshest, tastiest winter salads. 7 pkts.
Spring Salad Garden Collection seed
Our Price: $12.00

For the start of the season, a bouquet of beautiful, delicious, and fast-growing lettuces selected especially for growth in cool spring soil and sweet fresh flavor. Makes an easy way to start the season. Both red and green lettuces, of several types, along with an edible flower. Great in containers if the ground is still too wet or icy. 7 pkts.
Summer Salad Garden seed
Our Price: $12.00

An assortment of salad greens selected for best performance in hot weather and long days. Separate packets allow you to design a beautiful salad bed, or tuck in a few plants whenever a space opens up. Includes several different lettuce types and colors, one other salad green, a salad herb, and an edible flower, for cool and beautiful summer meals. 7 pkts.