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Pomona’s Universal Pectin
Our Price: $6.25

Now you can make cooked and uncooked jams and jellies sweetened to your own taste. Ordinary fruit pectins require jam or jelly to have 55-85% sugar to set firmly. This pectin jells with honey, sugar, artificial sweetener, or just pure fruit. Can also be used with aspics, glazes, milk puddings, or as a gelatin substitute. Directions and recipes included.
The Solar Cookit
Our Price: $25.00

A simple cooker that can be put together in a few minutes. Made of strong cardboard with a reflective coating. You provide your own black pot or pan. These are the same solar cookers that they send all over the Third World.
Nesco American Home Food Dryer
Our Price: $69.00

I have had one of these for years and love it. Extremely durable and effective. This 700 watt model is a drying monster, but is also economical - in one test only average using 420 watts (about 4 cents per hour). Quiet, relatively easy to clean, and has a temperature control. Dries a lot in a day! Unlike other dryers, you do not have to turn the trays to get even drying.