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Add-on Emitter kit
Our Price: $2.80

If you are adding more drip line to your drip kit, you will need more emitters as well. Ten 1GPH emitters (you can take them apart for easy cleaning), plus 10 goof plugs.
Eco Spout
Our Price: $2.95

This is a clever gizmo that fits on top of nearly any plastic jug to enable you to attach either the sprinkler type head or the pour spout. Mix up some liquid seaweed in an old milk jug, for example, and then attach the watering head to sprinkle it on your plants. Or pour water into your radiator, or whatever.
Haws Plastic Rose
Our Price: $6.95

Replacement Rose for Haws plastic watering can.
Serrated-Blade Sickle
Our Price: $8.95

A Japanese stamped grass sickle with a sharp serrated edge. For cutting small amounts of grain, grass, or compost crops, or clearing soft growth. Recommended by one of our customers who is a market gardener.
Garden Shears
Our Price: $15.95

Favorite tool of our garden staff for harvesting grains, comfrey, compost crops, and weeds. Made of fine carbon steel; no working parts to wear out, self-sharpening. After considerable testing we prefer these shears which have a patented double "bow" that greatly reduces the amount of force you need to cut. Similar to sheep shears but not appropriate for shearing sheep. AREA_SIZE: 12 ½ inches long overall with 6 1/4 inch blades.
Garden Scissors
Our Price: $19.25

Small stainless steel scissors, with comfortable bright red flexible plastic handles. Useful in the garden for harvesting, light pruning, cutting flowers and twine, and useful in the kitchen for processing. They fit easily in a pocket, and the red handles make them easy to spot if you set them down while working. A small tool that makes a big difference! Dubbed "Unlimited Scissors" by Joyce Chen, the manufacturer, and with good reason. 7 ½" overall.
Add-on 100’ Drip Hose kit
Our Price: $19.90

If you need more line for your basic drip kit, this gives you an additional 100 feet of tubing, two Ts, two ends, and a coupler. No emitters - purchase separately below. You can add up to four of these kits to the basic drip kit.
Haws Metal Rose
Our Price: $19.95

Replacement Rose for Haws metal watering can.
CobraHead Cultivator
Our Price: $20.00

Intensively planted beds can be tricky to weed and cultivate, requiring a narrow-headed tool that can reach in among the plants, yet has enough heft to function well in all types of soil. Carol Cox, our garden manager, recommends this one. It has a sharp blade on the end, a long curving neck and a strong colorful handle made of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Overall length 14 inches.
Haws Watering Can Plastic
Our Price: $34.50

The famous, perfectly-balanced long-reach cans from England, with a long spout. Upward-facing brass rose gives a fine, gentle rain for flats, beds, or seedlings. Green plastic or galvanized metal - holds about 1.2 gallons.