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HCI-8060   Coriander, Chinese Parsley, Organic seed
BEA-1040   A Journey in Kenya - Video VHS
BEA-0482   A Journey in Kenya, DVD, Spanish
BEA-0480   A Journey in Kenya, VHS, Spanish
BGE-1365   A Kid's Herb Book (for Children of All Ages)
BEA-0009   A Perspective
BGE-1340   A Survival Acre
BGE-1510   About Amaranth and Quinoa
BFO-1720   Acorns and Eat ‘em
SDR-9253   Add-on 100’ Drip Hose kit
SDR-9254   Add-on Emitter kit
FMA-8760   African-Crackerjack Mix Marigold seed
CAG-6910   Agricultural Mustard seed
SIN-9380   Alfalfa & Clover Inoculant
CCL-6950   Alsike Clover seed
FAL-8654   Alyssum seed
MAM-6200   Amaranth Mix seed
TCU-7715   American Currant seed
TEL-7800   American Elderberry seed
TAM-7710   American Wild Plum seed
FAM-8656   Ammi, Laceflower seed
HAM-7898   Amole, Chorogalum spp,. seed
BEA-0020   An Ecology Action Reading Guide
BTR-1705   Ancient Agriculture
HAN-7900   Andrographis seed
BEA-0250   Annual Garden Calendar - A Working Calendar
BEA-0200   Another Way to Wealth
BEA-0880   Ant Control Suggestions
BEA-0970   Appropriate Agriculture
SGR-9540   Arm Savers
HAS-7910   Ashwagandha, Withania somnifera seed
MAS-6210   Asian Greens Mix seed
HAS-7915   Astragalus, Huang-qi seed
CAU-6920   Austrian Field Pea seed
LAY-6615   Ayurvedic Herb Collection seed
FBA-8655   Baby Blue Eyes seed
BEA-0017   Backyard Garden Research
GTR-7468   Bamboo Curtain triticale seed
CBE-6940   Banner Bean, Fava, Biointensive seed
MBA-6220   Basil Mix seed
MBE-6230   Beet Mix seed
SDR-9251   Beginning Drip Kit
CBE-6925   Bell Bean, Fava seed
FSP-8600   Beneficial Insect Wildflower Mix
CCL-6960   Berseem Clover seed
BCO-1210   Bio-Dynamic Sprays
GQU-7351   Biobio Quinoa seed
BEA-0950   Biodynamic Gardening in India
BGE-1250   Biodynamic Greenhouse Management
BTR-1710   Biodynamic Treatment of Fruit Trees, Berries and Shrubs
BEA-0000   Biointensive Mini-Farming: A Rational Use of Natural Resources
BEA-0800   Biointensive Projects
BEA-1000   Biointensive Reporting Requirements for Major Programs
BEA-0930   Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming Preliminary Research
SBI-9480   Bird Netting
SBI-9470   Birdscare Flashtape
HBL-7980   Black Cohosh seed
HBL-7970   Black Cumin seed
TMU-7740   Black Mulberry seed
TRA-7755   Blackcap Raspberry seed
CLU-7085   Blue Lupine, Bluebonnet seed
MBO-6240   Bolt-resistant Lettuce Mix seed
BEA-0600 CHINESE   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in Chinese
BEA-0600 FRENCH   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in French
BEA-0600 GERMAN   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in German
BEA-0600 PORTUGESE   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in Portugese
BEA-0600 RUSSIAN   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in Russian
BEA-0600 SPANISH   Booklet 0: Biointensive Mini-farming in Spanish
HBO-7990   Borage seed
LBO-6620   Bountiful Container book & Container Garden Collection seed
FPO-8845   Breadseed Poppy, Organic seed
BSA-1080   Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties
GSO-7420   Broomcorn Sorghum seed
GBU-7250   Buckwheat, Commercial, Organic seed
LTH-6780   Buffalo Bird Woman book & Three Sisters Collection seed
BGE-1550   Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden
HBU-8000   Burnet (Salad) seed
MBU-6250   Bush Bean Mix seed
TBU-7720   Bush Cherry seed
FBU-8658   Butterfly Weed seed
FSP-8610   Butterfly Wildflower Mix seed
MCA-6260   Cabbage Mix seed
FZI-8910   California Giant Zinnia, Organic seed
FPO-8830   California Poppy seed
LCA-6630   Calorie Crops Collection seed
MCA-6270   Carrot Mix seed
HCA-8010   Catnip seed
GRY-7400   Cereal Rye, Organic seed
MCH-6280   Chard, Rainbow Mix, Organic seed
BEA-0460   Charla
MCH-6290   Cherry Tomato Mix seed
HCH-8040   Chervil seed
HCH-8050   Chia seed
BEA-0870   Children’s Gardening Resources
HBA-7940   Cinnamon Basil, Organic seed
BEA-1055   Circle of Plenty - DVD
BEA-1050   Circle of Plenty - VHS
BEA-0980   Circle of Plenty Booklet
HSA-8348   Clary Sage seed
FCL-8675   Cleome (Spider Plant) seed
HCN-8065   Cnidium seed
SCO-9050   CobraHead Cultivator
SCO-9115   Coco Bee Balm Lotion
SWE-9492   Coco-Wet Wetting Agent
BEA-0655   Coleccion Educativa Metodo de Agricultura Biointensiva
SSI-9240   Color Indicating Silica Gel
SCO-9080 L   Comfort Garden Gloves Large
SCO-9080 M   Comfort Garden Gloves Medium
SCO-9080 S   Comfort Garden Gloves Small
SCO-9080 X   Comfort Garden Gloves X-Large
BCO-1150   Comfrey for Gardeners
BEA-0420   Comment Faire Pousser Plus des Legumes
GBA-7220   Commercial Barley, Organic seed
MCO-6300   Compost Crop Mix
SCO-9320   Compost Thermometer
BCO-1160   Composting for the Tropics
LCO-6640   Container Garden Collection seed
BEA-0850   Cooking With Sunshine
BFO-1795   Cooking With Sunshine
FCO-8685   Coreopsis (Plains coreopsis) seed
FPO-8840   Corn Poppy-Flanders Field seed
BSA-1120   Cornucopia II Source Book of Edible Plants
BCO-1180   Cover Crops and Compost Crops IN Your Garden DVD
LCR-6650   Crafters’ Collection seed
LCR-6655   Crazy Colors Collection seed
CCL-6970   Crimson Clover seed
BEA-0780   Crops
BEA-0001   Cucumber Bonanza
MCU-6310   Cucumber Mix seed
GFL-7280   Culinary Flax, Organic seed
LFI-6690   Culinary Herbs Collection seed
BEA-0520 ARABIC   Cultivating Our Garden in Arabic
BEA-0520 ENGLISH   Cultivating Our Garden in English
BEA-0520 JAPANESE   Cultivating Our Garden in Japanese
BEA-0520 RUSSIAN   Cultivating Our Garden in Russian
BEA-0520 SPANISH   Cultivating Our Garden in Spanish
BEA-0400   Cultivo Biointensivo de Alimentos
HCU-8070   Cumin seed
C-NECKLACE   Customizable Necklace
MCU-6320   Cut Flowers Mix seed
SDI-9035   D-Handled Digging Fork 39"
SDI-9030   D-Handled Digging Fork 43"
SDI-9025   D-Handled Digging Spade 39"
SDI-9020   D-Handled Digging Spade 43",
GSO-7430   Dale Sorghum seed
HDA-8080   Dandelion seed
BASKET   Dark Wicker Decorative Basket
BEA-0910   Data Report Sheet
BPL-1830   Deerproofing Your Yard and Garden
BEA-0031   Designing a GROW BIOINTENSIVE(R) Sustainable Mini-Farm – A Working Paper
BGE-1222   Develop a Sustainable Vegetable Garden Plan
SDI-9460   Diatom Dust
BEA-1035   Dig It! - John Jeavons Double-Digging Video DVD
BEA-1030   Dig It! - John Jeavons Double-Digging Video VHS
BEA-0470   Dig It! - John Jeavons Double-Digging Video VHS (Spanish)
DIGITAL CAMERA_1234   Digital Camera
HDI-8090   Dill, Organic seed
BEA-0018   Dried, Cut, and Edible Flowers. . .
BSE-1847   Drip Irrigation
BFO-1780   Dry It!
CCL-6990   Dutch White Clover seed
FZI-8920   Dwarf Mixed Zinnia seed
GWH-7575   Dylan Hard Red Wheat seed
GWH-7530   Early Stone Age Wheat seed
HEC-8100   Echinacea purpurea seed
HEC-8110   Eclipta seed
SEC-9260   Eco Spout
BEA-0024   Ecology Action’s Comprehensive Definition. . .
BCO-1130   Edaphos: Dynamics of a Natural Soil System
HSH-8400   Edible Chrysanthemum, Shungiku seed
LEN-6680   Edible Flower Collection seed
LED-6677   Edible Landscaping Collection seed
BGE-1225   Edible Leaves of the Tropics
MEG-6330   Eggplant Mix seed
BEA-0690   El Hombre de los Arboles Escritos Selectos de Richard St. Barbe Baker
BEA-0680   El Huerto Ecológico Mexico’s Program for Adult Ed
BFO-1800   Eleanor’s Solar Cookbook
HEL-8120   Elecampane, Organic seed
BEA-0750   Engl-Russ/Russ-Engl Biointensive Dictionary
HEP-8130   Epazote seed
FEV-8710   Evening Primrose seed
BEA-0011   Examining the Tropics: A Small Scale Approach to Sustainable Agriculture
LFA-6687   Fall Salad Garden Collection seed
CFE-7050   Fenugreek seed
HFE-8150   Feverfew seed
SOD-9340   Filters for Odor-free Compost Bucket
SRE-9210   Floating Bed Cover
FCO-8690   Florists Double Blue Cornflower seed
BFO-1765   Flour Power
SFL-9520   Fly Traps "Fly Eaters"
CFO-7050   Fodder Radish seed
BEA-0016   Foliar Feeding
BSE-1849   Food Security and Sustainability
LFO-6695   Four Season Harvest book and Winter vegetable Collection seed
BGE-1230   Four-Season Harvest
LFR-6700   French Kitchen Collection seed
FMA-8770   French-Sparky Marigold seed
BEA-0340   Future Fertility: Transforming Human Waste Into Human Wealth
BTR-1680   Gaia’s Garden A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, Second Edi
SIN-9390   Garbanzo Bean Inoculant

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