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SIN-9400   Garden Combo Inoculant
LGA-6710   Garden in Tuscany Collection seed
SGA-9160   Garden Scissors
SEN-9150   Garden Shears
BGE-1220   Gardenerís Reference Poster
BEA-0790   Gardening Techniques
BEA-1065   Gardensong DVD
BEA-1060   Gardensong VHS
BEA-1010   GB Directory
BEA-0990   GB Directory Application Form
HCH-8020   German Chamomile seed
VAM-2010   Golden Giant Amaranth seed
BPL-1815   Good Bug Bad Bug
LGO-6713   Good Bug, Bad Bug Book and Good Companions Seed Collection seed
LGC-6712   Good Companions Collection seed
BEA-0900   Grain/Seed Crop Chart
HOR-8310   Greek oregano seed
GRN-TEA MZR   Green Tea Moisturizer
BGE-1240   Greenhouse Gardenerís Companion
BEA-1020   GROW BIOINTENSIVE(SM) Apprentice Opportunities
BEA-0032   GROW BIOINTENSIVESM Composting and Growing
BEA-0030   GROW BIOINTENSIVESM Sustainable Mini-Farming
BEA-0022   Grow Your Manure For Free
BEA-0033   Grow Your Own Grains - Raising, Harvesting and Uses
BGE-1410   Growing 101 Herbs That Heal
LGR-6713   Growing 101 Herbs that Heal Book and Medicinal Herb Seed Col seed
BEA-0012   Growing and Gathering Your Own Fertilizer
BFO-1755   Growing and Using Stevia
BEA-0027   Growing Medicinal Herbs in as Little as Fifty. .
BEA-0013   Growing To Seed
CVE-7100   Hairy Vetch seed
SGR-9544   Handy Apron
BGE-1570   Handy Farm Devices How to Make Them
GWH-7570   Hard Red Spring Wheat, Organic seed
GWH-7580   Hard Red Winter Wheat seed
SHA-9275   Haws Metal Rose
SHA-9276   Haws Plastic Rose
SHA-9270 METAL   Haws Watering Can Metal
SHA-9270 PLASTIC   Haws Watering Can Plastic
THA-7790   Hawthorn seed
FHE-8720   Heartsease (Wild Pansy) seed
MHE-6340   Heirloom Lettuce Mix seed
BGE-1370   Herbal Antibiotics
BGE-1452   Herbal Remedies
LHE-6715   Herbs for Kids Collection seed
SHO-9350   Home Garden Soil Test Kit
BGE-1324   Homegrown Whole Grains
HHO-8170   Horehound seed
MHO-6350   Hot Pepper Mix seed
BEA-0410   How To Grow More Vegetables - Arabic
BEA-0440   How To Grow More Vegetables - Hindi
BEA-0300 PERFECT   How To Grow More Vegetables - Perfect Bound
BEA-0300 SPIRAL   How To Grow More Vegetables - Spiral Bound
LHO-6717   How To Grow More Vegetables Book and all 3 basic seed collec seed
BTR-1670   How to Make a Forest Garden
BTR-1660   How to Prune Fruit Trees
BFO-1768   How to Store Your Garden Produce
BEA-0670   Huertos Familiares
LBA-6618   Hulless Barley Collection seed
GOA-7320   Hulless Oats, Organic seed
FSP-8630   Hummingbird Wildflower Mix seed
BEA-0510   Hungarian, Czechoslovakian Information Sheet on Mini-Farming
HHY-8180   Hyssop (Bee plant) seed
FHO-8740   Indian Spring Hollyhock seed
BEA-0770   Information Packets - Complete Set
BEA-0810   Insect and Animal Life
BEA-0830   Inspiration
BEA-0920   Intensive Food Production on a Human Scale
GMI-7290   Japanese Millet seed
BLUE123   Jawbone Headset
GTR-7470   Juan triticale seed
GWH-7550   Kamut Wheat, Organic seed
GKE-7285   Kenaf seed
LKI-6718   Kid's Herb Book with Herbs for Kids Collection seed
BEA-0530   Kiswahili Information Sheets
GOA-7330   Kynon Oats, Hulless seed
CAL-6902   Ladak Alfalfa seed
MLA-6360   Large Gourd Mix seed
HLA-8220   Lavender, Vera seed
MLE-6370   Leaf Lettuce Mix seed
BEA-0026   Learning To Grow All Your Own Food: One Bed Model For Compost, Diet and Income Crops
HLE-8200   Lemon Balm, Organic seed
HBA-7935   Lemon Basil seed
FMA-8775   Lemon Gem, Marigold seed
HBA-7930   Lettuce-Leaved-Genovese, Basil, Organic seed
HAN-7905   Licorice Mint, Organic seed
BEA-0840   Limited Water Growing
BGE-1352   Linda Runyon's Master Class on Wild Food Survival DVD
BEA-0960   Living Quarters for Plant Roots
HLO-8240   Lovage seed
FLO-8750   Love-in-a-Mist seed
BTR-1690   Man of the Trees: Selected Writing of Richard St. Barbe Baker
BCO-1168   Managing Cover Crops Profitably
HMA-8245   Maralroot, Organic seed
GWH-7600   Maris Widgeon Wheat seed
HMA-8250   Marshmallow seed
SMA-9360   Maxicrop Powder
HME-8260   Meadowsweet, Queen of the Meadow seed
LME-6725   Medicinal Herbs Collection seed
LME-6720   Medieval Garden Collection seed
CCL-7000   Medium Red Clover seed
BEA-0430   Mehr Gemuse Im Eigenen Garten
GQU-7350   Melang Quinoa seed
MME-6380   Melon Mix seed
COL-CARDIGAN   Men's Collegiate Cardigan
POLOSHRT99   Men's Polo Shirt
BEA-0021   Micro-farmers as a Key to The Revitalization. .
BEA-0019   Micro-Farming; A Seventeen Year Perspective
MMU-6390   Mild Kingdom Mustard Greens Mix seed
HMI-8270   Milk Thistle, organic seed
FNA-8800   Mixed Dwarf Nasturtium seed
BEA-0815   More about neem (info sheet)
FMO-8790   Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue seed
FMO-8795   Morning Glory, Star of Yalta seed
HMO-8300   Motherwort seed
HMO-8305   Mountain Mint seed
GRY-7415   Mountaineer Rye seed
HMU-8318   Mullein seed
MULTIC-BEADS   Multi-colored Beads
GQU-7360   Multi-hued Quinoa seed
GTR-7480   Musky Triticale seed
BTR-1685   Mycelium Running
SMY-9375   MycoGrow Soluble Mycorrhizae
BSE-1850   Natural Beekeeping
HNA-8315   Navajo Tea seed
SNE-9491   Neem Oil (100%)
SFO-9433   Nesco American Home Food Dryer
CCL-7010   New Zealand Clover, White seed
SNI-9090 L   Nitrile Touch Glove Large
SNI-9090 M   Nitrile Touch Glove Medium
SNI-9090 S   Nitrile Touch Glove Small
SNI-9090 X   Nitrile Touch Glove X-Large
SNO-9130   Nobori Gama Sickle
CAL-6901   Non-Dormant Alfalfa seed
BFO-1750   Nourishing Traditions
SOD-9335   Odor Free Compost Bucket
BEA-0025   One Basic Kenyan Diet: Diet, Income and Compost Crop Designs in a Three Bed Learning Model
BEA-0015   One Basic Mexican Diet
BEA-0370 SPIRAL   One Circle: How to Grow a Complete Diet in Less Than 1000 Square Feet
BEA-0002   One Crop Test Booklet: Soybeans
FCA-8660   Orange Calendula seed
BPL-1810   Organic Gardenerís Handbook of Nat. Insect and Disease Cntrl
SMU-9377   Outdoor Mushroom Patch (TM)
FDA-8710   Oxeye Daisy seed
FCA-8670   Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula seed
HPA-8320   Papalo (Quelite, Quillquina) seed
BGE-1700   Pathways to Abundant Gardens
PK-DRESS   Peacock Dress
SMU-9376   Pearl or Blue Oyster Indoor Mushroom Patch (TM)
HMI-8330   Pennyroyal (English) seed
HMI-8280   Peppermint, Mint seed
BWO-1840   Perennial Vegetables
LPE-6734   Perennial Vegetables Book and Perennial Vegetable Collection seed
LAY-6610   Perennial Vegetables Collection seed
LPE-6732   Permaculture Collection seed
LPE-6733   Permaculture Set-Gaiaís Garden Book with permaculture seed c seed
TPE-7753   Persimmon seed
GWH-7610   Peters SS 791 Wheat seed
CPH-7060   Phacelia tanacetifolia seed
SGR-9548   Picker's Pail
GTR-7490   Pika Triticale seed
BEA-0890   Plant Families: for Planning Rotations
BTR-1640   Plant Species Index for the Pacific Northwest and General
SPO-9420   Pomonaís Universal Pectin
MPO-6470   Poppy Mix seed
SPO-9250   Pot Maker
BFO-1770   Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning
BFO-1760   Preserving Summerís Bounty
BGE-1590   Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills, Society of Primitive Technology
BEA-0330   Proceedings from the Soil, Food and People Conference
GMI-7300   Proso Millet seed
MRA-6420   Radish Mix seed
BSE-1845   Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands: Volume 1: Guiding Principles
BSE-1846   Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands: Volume 2: Water-Harvesting Earthworks
CCO-7020   Red Cowpeas seed
FDE-8712   Red Larkspur (canyon delphinium) seed
GWH-7525   Red Vernal Emmer Wheat, Organic seed
SRE-9280 DEEP   Redwood Seed Flat Kits - Deep
SRE-9280 HALF   Redwood Seed Flat Kits - Half
SRE-9280 STANDARD   Redwood Seed Flat Kits - Standard
LRE-6735   Renewall Garden Kit seed
BEA-0500   Reporte de Evaluacion de Capacitacion
GSO-7460   Rio Sorghum, Sugar Cane seed
HCH-8030   Roman Chamomile, Organic seed
LRO-6745   Root Cellaring Book with Storage Collection seed
BFO-1740   Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables
SRO-9370   Root Zone Beneficial Microbes
BCO-1165   Roots Demystified
FRO-8870   Rose Campion
HRO-8340   Rosemary seed
BEA-0660   Rotofolio Huertos Familiares
FBL-8656   Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan) seed
FRU-8880   Rudbeckia, Rustic Colors seed
TRU-7760   Rugosa Rose seed
BEA-0712   Russian 12: Growing and Gathering Your Own Fertilizer
BEA-0714   Russian 14: The Complete 21-Bed Biointensive Mini-Farm
BEA-0760   Russian information sheet: The Circle Chart
BGE-1615   Ruth Stout's Garden Video DVD
BGE-1610   Ruth Stoutís Garden Video VHS
HBA-7960   Sacred Basil, Tulsi seed

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